The water of Goalmari (2009)

In Bangladesh, a large part of the population has little or no access to drinking water because the water that is available is naturally polluted by arsenic. Veolia Water decided to bring its expertise to build a water treatment plant in Goalmari in Bangladesh to treat and distribute water to the villagers. But how will this be financed and how much will it cost? Professor Mohammed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 2006, had the idea of "social business". This means setting up a business with a social objective that will be economically viable and will distribute no dividends, so that the poor can fully benefit from its activities. It should also allow for the creation of similar businesses in the future. The film, which shows how Veolia Water built the water treatment plant in Goalmari, is an illustration of the implementation of a social business that is a real opportunity for the development of poorer countries.